Top Picks: Unveil the Best Bars in Singapore for Epic Nightlife & Libations


Want the best bars in Singapore for a standout night? Whether it’s inventive cocktails or staggering city views, we’ve got you covered. From rooftop lounges to craft cocktail havens, start your journey through the city’s finest drinking establishments with us.

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore’s cocktail bars like Native, Analogue, and The Elixir Boutique offer a rich palette of flavours, blending classic mixology with innovative ingredients to create signature drinks that reflect the city’s diverse culture.
  • The best rooftop and microbrewery bars such as Level33 and Skyline Spirits provide patrons with stunning city vistas coupled with exclusive craft brews and curated beer-tasting experiences.
  • Speakeasy bars like Whisper Alley and The Enigma Kitchen offer unique atmospheres and bespoke cocktail experiences, while bars with local flair like Long Bar and Cherki centre Singaporean traditions in their inventive drink menus.
  • Many bars also feature happy hour specials and a wide selection of craft beer, adding to the diverse offerings available in Singapore’s vibrant bar scene.

Signature Sips: Discovering Singapore’s Signature Cocktails

Venture into the heart of Singapore’s mixology and cocktail culture, where the spirit of innovation is poured into every glass. Here, a night out is transformed into an exploration of flavors, as master mixologists blend classic techniques with experimental zest. Discover signature cocktails and wine cocktails that are as diverse as the city itself, including:

  • The smoky whispers of the Cactus at Analogue
  • The delicate notes of the Gyokuro Martini at Mixology Salon Singapore
  • Night Hawk’s Gamma-Ray Holiday
  • The Store’s Tito’s Twisties Sour
  • Republic and Manhattan at Conrad Singapore Orchard, which serves up cocktails with stories, offering a sip of history with each concoction, such as the Lion City and the Broadway Spirited menu.

Happy hour is a great time to explore these signature cocktails.

Singapore’s cocktail bars are not mere watering holes; they are stages for an immersive sensory performance. Some of the top cocktail bars in Singapore include:

  • Native: Cocktails crafted with regional produce and foraged Southeast Asian ingredients, like the Black Rice cocktail, infusing each drink with the essence of the land.
  • Cat Bite Club: Focuses on agave and rice-spirit cocktails.
  • Platform: Known for its floral wonders.

Singapore’s bars invite you to a world where creativity knows no bounds.

The Elixir Boutique

At The Elixir Boutique, nestled within the grandeur of a grand hotel bar, each drink is a tailor-made marvel. Velvet-lined walls and soft lighting set the stage for an intimate escape where bespoke cocktails and fancy cocktails are the stars. The Elixir Boutique also offers a selection of craft beer.

The Lobby Lounge within The Elixir Boutique weaves the rich heritage of Singapore into every handcrafted cocktail, narrating stories of the city through unique flavours and artful presentations. The ambience is as sumptuous as the drinks are imaginative, creating a haven for those seeking an elevated cocktail experience.

The Aviary

Step into The Aviary at Nutmeg & Clove, where Singapore’s rich heritage takes flight in a glass. This modern cocktail bar pays tribute to the nation’s history with every pour, infusing local spices and tropical essences into its creations. The Aviary’s ‘happy hour’ is a perfect time to enjoy their unique cocktails.

The result is a food menu that’s as much a journey through time as it is a list of beverages, with cocktails that echo the island’s vibrant past and present, all featured in our latest cocktail menu.


The Alchemist’s Haven

Atlas Bar, with its lush Art Deco-inspired design, transports you back to an era of opulence, while Gibson Bar invites you into a world where cocktails like Very Blue Bananas redefine what’s possible with a shaker and a twist. At both bars, the mixology behind the creative cocktails turns each drink into an adventure in taste, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and each sip is a discovery.

Crafted Brews and Views: Best Rooftop & Microbrewery Bars with Local Craft Beers

Ascend above the city’s bustle to the rooftop havens of Skyline Spirits, Hops Horizon, and Twilight Terrace, where the skyline is your companion, and the craft beer is as breathtaking as the view. Level33, the world’s highest urban microbrewery, pairs its exclusive craft brews with an exquisite panorama, offering a taste of the sky. Happy hour at these rooftop bars offers great deals on drinks.

A curated beer-tasting paddle with five 100ml tasters is an invitation to explore the heights of brewing mastery while taking in the scenic vistas of Marina Bay.

Skyline Spirits

Skyline Spirits presents a collection of rooftop bars in Singapore, each with its own unique charm. Some of the rooftop bars include:

  • Smoke & Mirrors atop the National Gallery
  • Las Palmas Rooftop Bar with greenery-framed vistas
  • Barouv Rooftop Bar with views of classic shophouses
  • Levant with Mediterranean vibes

Skyline Spirits also offers a variety of craft beers.


The views complement the drinks to offer an experience that’s quintessentially Singaporean.

Hops Horizon

Hops Horizon stands as a bastion of Singapore’s craft beer scene, with extended hours on weekends that beckon beer aficionados to linger longer. Here, the love for hops is palpable, and the dedication to crafting the perfect pint is evident in every brew.

Twilight Terrace

Twilight Terrace offers a serene rooftop escape, where you can:

  • Enjoy premium spirits and draft beers
  • Relax in the peaceful ambiance
  • Savor the carefully curated beverages on offer
  • Take in the city’s lights sparkling in the distance

Happy hour at Twilight Terrace offers great deals on premium spirits and draft beers.

It’s the perfect place to unwind and escape the city’s energy below.


Local Flair: Bars with a Singaporean Twist

Dive into the local twist of Singapore’s bar scene, where craft beer and cocktails reign supreme:

  • Studio 1939 shakes up the cocktail menu with familiar Singaporean ingredients
  • Sugarhall offers a spirited take on the classic bandung drink
  • Native, Hopscotch, and Nutmeg & Clove artfully weave the island’s culture and history into each drink
  • Republic bar nods to the swinging ‘60s with its signature rum cocktails.

Happy Hour at these bars offers a unique experience with local flavours.

Merlion’s Pour

At Long Bar, the classic Singapore Sling is reimagined with a modern twist, incorporating fresh pineapple juice and local spices for a contemporary take on the iconic cocktail. The bar’s rich earthy decor and elegant ambiance enhance the sophisticated nature of its cocktail menu, making each visit a memorable one. Merlion’s Pour also offers a selection of craft beer.

Straits Fusion

Cherki offers a modern take on Peranakan-inspired cuisine and craft cocktails, blending South Asian ingredients into Western dishes for a gastronomic experience that’s uniquely Singaporean. The bar’s speciality cocktails, designed for sharing, are a nod to the communal spirit of Peranakan ‘Tok Panjang’ dining, creating a multisensory experience that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious. Happy hour at Straits Fusion is a great time to enjoy their speciality cocktails.

Island Hop

In the heart of the city, beach-themed bars like Coastes and Lion Brewery Co offer a tropical getaway, where the drinks evoke luxury and relaxation akin to the Marina Bay Sands experience. The unique cocktails served here are a celebration of island life, providing a refreshing pause from the urban rush. Island Hop also offers a variety of craft beers.

Speakeasy Secrets: Hidden Gems of Singapore’s Bar Scene

Beneath the surface of Singapore’s polished exterior lies a network of speakeasy-style bars, each with its own clandestine charm. From Junior the Pocket Bar’s ever-changing themes to Roxy’s retro allure tucked within Miss Fitz, these hidden gems offer a step back in time and an intimate setting for those in search of whispered conversations and covert encounters. Happy hour at these speakeasy bars offers a unique and intimate experience.

Whisper Alley

Whisper Alley, with its velvet drapes and prohibition-era allure, is a hushed retreat where classic cocktails are given centre stage. The weekly rotating cocktail selection keeps the menu fresh, inviting patrons to return time and again to discover what’s new. Happy Hour at Whisper Alley offers great deals on cocktails too.

The Concealed Library

Behind a hidden bookshelf door lies The Concealed Library, a cosy bar reminiscent of an old-world study. Here, you can enjoy:

  • Rare spirits
  • Bespoke cocktails
  • A backdrop of literary classics
  • The murmur of poetry readings and book launches.

Happy hour at The Concealed Library is a perfect time to enjoy rare spirits and cocktails.

The Enigma Lounge

The Enigma Lounge is a secretive bar venue where the cocktail menu includes classic favourites and special concoctions tailored to individual tastes. The personalized cocktail experience is a hallmark of this hidden locale, ensuring that each visit is as unique as the patrons themselves.

Happy Hour at The Enigma Lounge offers great deals on classic favourites and special concoctions.

Global Spirits, Local Soil: International Bars with a Singaporean Heart

Singapore’s bar scene embraces the world, with international bars like 28 HongKong Street, Brooklyn Bar, and Manhattan infusing their cocktails and craft beer with a medley of global flavors and a distinct local twist. From ATLAS’s vast gin collections to the sustainable innovations at Fura and Sugarhall, these bars reflect a city that’s both cosmopolitan and deeply rooted in its own culture. Happy hour at these bars offers a unique blend of global and local flavors.

GlobeTrotter Mixology

Embark on a cocktail odyssey at GlobeTrotter Mixology, where tea-infused drinks and experimental cocktails whisk you away to distant lands. Pair your global adventures with bold cuisine options. Happy Hour at GlobeTrotter Mixology offers great deals on tea-infused drinks and experimental cocktails.

And for those who prefer the grape over the grain, Wine RVLT’s extensive wine selection promises a world-class experience.

Continental Concoctions

At bars like Analogue and Platform, plant-based and floral-forward cocktails are the order of the day, showcasing innovation and a lighter touch in the art of mixology. The diversity of Singapore’s bar scene is further evidenced by the multicultural influences found at venues like Jigger & Pony and Stay Gold Flamingo, where classic cocktails are reimagined with a local flair. Happy hour at Continental Concoctions is a great time to enjoy their innovative cocktails.

American Oak & Eastern Mystique

The Secret Mermaid offers a unique twist on American-style cocktails, aged in American oak barrels to perfection. Here, Asian-inspired bar snacks complement the Western drinks, creating a fusion that’s both familiar and exotic. American Oak & Eastern Mystique also offers a selection of craft beer.

Refreshing Rendezvous: Chill-Out Spots for Casual Drinks

For those seeking a more laid-back experience, Singapore’s casual drink spots offer a relaxed atmosphere where extensive craft beer selections meet comfort and ease. Some of these spots include:

  • Alibabar
  • Bikini Bar
  • Fool Wine Bar
  • Coastes, known for its premium beverages
  • Lion Brewery Co, known for its signature craft beers

Happy hour at these casual spots offers great deals on drinks. These venues are ideal for unwinding with friends and enjoying the simpler pleasures of life.

The Garden Tap

The Garden Tap is an al fresco oasis in the heart of the city, where patrons can:

  • Revel in the tranquil garden atmosphere
  • Enjoy a selection of refreshing ales
  • Savour the cool night air
  • Engage in leisurely conversations over expertly curated drinks

The Garden Tap also offers a selection of craft beer.

Surrounded by greenery, this outdoor bar counter is a serene spot to unwind and relax.

The Dockyard Social

At The Dockyard Social, you can enjoy:

  • Serene waterfront views
  • A picturesque backdrop for a casual drink
  • A tranquil setting
  • A broad range of beverages
  • Unique small-batch brews

Happy Hour at The Dockyard Social offers great deals on small-batch brews.

This marina-side Mo Bar is a favoured destination for those who appreciate both the craft of the drink and the beauty of their surroundings, with a carefully curated bar menu to satisfy every taste. Among the best bars in the area, it offers an unparalleled experience for its patrons.

The Artisan’s Bench

The Artisan’s Bench reflects the growing interest in local craft beers and other locally-produced beverages, with a focus on authenticity and quality that characterizes Singapore’s artisanal scene. The bar’s communal vibe and educational events make it a hub for enthusiasts looking to deepen their appreciation for the sophistication of brewing and distilling. The Artisan’s Bench also offers a selection of craft beer.

Best Bars In Singapore: Final Thoughts

From the experimental elixirs of grand hotel bars to the hidden speakeasies steeped in history, Singapore’s craft beer scene is a microcosm of the nation’s diversity and innovation. This guide has offered a glimpse into the myriad ways to enjoy a night out in the Lion City, where every bar tells a story, and every drink is a testament to the island’s vibrant spirit. Happy hour at these bars offers a unique experience. So, take a chance, explore these recommendations, and raise a glass to the endless possibilities that await in the Singapore night.

Best Bars In Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Singapore’s cocktail culture unique?

Singapore’s cocktail culture is unique due to its innovative fusion of classic mixology with local and regional flavours, using ingredients like Southeast Asian spices and foraged herbs, found in bars such as Native and The Elixir Boutique.

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Are there any rooftop bars in Singapore with panoramic views?

Yes, there are several rooftop bars in Singapore that offer panoramic views of the city skyline, such as Skyline Spirits which provides stunning vistas of Marina Bay and the cityscape, accompanied by a variety of unique cocktails and craft beers.

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Can I find bars in Singapore that serve drinks with a local twist?

Yes, many bars in Singapore offer drinks with a local twist, incorporating flavours and ingredients that reflect the city’s culture and heritage. You can experience this unique taste at places like Studio 1939 and Sugarhall.

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Are there any speakeasy bars in Singapore?

Yes, there are several speakeasy-style bars in Singapore, such as Whisper Alley and The Concealed Library, offering classic and bespoke cocktails in a secretive setting.

Where can I find casual spots for drinks in Singapore?

You can find casual spots for drinks in Singapore at bars like The Garden Tap and The Dockyard Social, which offer a laid-back atmosphere and an extensive selection of beverages, perfect for a relaxed vibe.

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