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Welcome to your go-to spot for discovering Singapore, brought to you by someone who's navigated this vibrant city as a Kiwi expat since 1992. Back then, as a young student at the Australian International School, I started soaking up everything this city had to offer, setting the stage for a lifelong affair with this bustling metropolis.

Fast forward to 2009, I returned with a mission: to launch Chillybin Web Design. Starting this company was not just about putting my stamp on the digital world; it was about creating connections and fostering a community through our work. Along the way, I've spearheaded local tech meetups and conferences, helping stitch together a network of tech aficionados across this region.

Here at bestofsingapore.co, I dive deep into the local lifestyle and hidden gems, sharing stories that strike a chord with both Singapore natives and expats like me. My unique position as both a local and an outsider allows me to uncover what really makes Singapore pulse—from the hidden green spots perfect for a Sunday unwind to the noisy, vibrant hawker centers buzzing with life.

Whether you're after a quick tip on the best spots for chili crab, or you're in for a detailed exploration of Singapore’s transformation into a global hub, I'm here to guide you. My articles aim to help newcomers find their footing and offer seasoned locals new ways to view their city.


Together, let's explore everything from its world-class food scene to its innovative architecture. Each post is more than just information; it’s a doorway to a deeper appreciation of a city that may be small in size but is a giant on the world stage.

So, strap in and let’s take this exciting ride through Singapore. From its lush escapes to its urban adventures, we'll discover the stories that weave the fabric of this city. Welcome to bestofsingapore.co, where every visit is a step closer to discovering the essence of Singapore, one exciting story at a time. Whether you're sketching out your next visit, settling in as a new resident, or rediscovering the city you thought you knew, there's always something fresh to explore. Let's walk these streets, visit these parks, and experience the innovation that Singapore offers every day.

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