The 8 Best Craft Beers In Singapore


Looking for the best craft beers in Singapore to enjoy on a hot sunny weekend? Beer lovers rejoice since we have got you covered!

As craft beers are rapidly gaining popularity in Singapore, we believe there is something for everyone! The days of searching every nook and corner for a unique brew are long gone as unique beers are now available for delivery directly to your home.

Want a taste of gorgeous Saisons and local lagers? These Singapore craft beer breweries are some of our favourites!

Off Day Beer Company

Have you got the day off? If so, enjoying a nice beer from Off Day Beer Company would be the best way to make things right.


Premium British malts and American and Oceanian hops are used by the brewer in the production of beers employing contemporary techniques.

Off Day’s selection of craft beers includes not just one, but four distinct beer varieties to satisfy each customer’s palate. Try their Off Day Beer, a light, fruity brew made with American hops and Pilsner, as a beginning. Try the Off Day Pale if you like your pale ales with a malty, citrus-tinged finish. Or, if you like a stronger beer, try the powerful Off Day Haze or Off Day Double. You can browse their offerings online and get them year-round in draft or bottle.

Alive Brewing Co.

The idea was the result of a friendship between two friends from high school, one of whom works as a financial analyst and the other as a chemical engineer. Their main objective is to create a wide range of unique brews, all of which must have excellent flavour. One such beverage is the Saturday Saranghae, a fruit-based beer that blends whole and pureed strawberries with cream and a hint of vanilla. 

Also included is the Regular Stranger, a double dry-hopped (DDA) New England IPA with fruity and flowery undertones. You have the option to buy a single 330ml bottle of craft beer, a half-six (Little Pack), or a dozen (Big Pack), depending on the brew (Big Pack).

Tuas Brewing Co.

It is obvious from the name: Tuas is the hub of activity. The idea was inspired by the fact that Trouble Brewing established this brand as a tribute to the nation. Singapore Lager is an aptly descriptive term for the refreshing, seasonable beer. You may order it to be brought to your house, but it is offered at several bars across the city.


RedDot BrewHouse

RedDot Brewhouse’s in-house craft beers include various iconic varieties that are all brewed by the company’s brewmaster. The company’s light and crisp Czech pilsner, which has a malty and herbaceous flavour, comes first.

With a flavour of malt and a distinctive green colour from the chlorophyll content of spirulina, the attention-grabbing Monster Green Lager is undoubtedly the first of its type. Other options include Summer Ale, an international-style pale ale with a fruity and flowery flavour profile that is pleasant to the palate.

Jing-A Brewing Co.

An artisanal brewery with a strong following, Jing-A is located in Beijing. They have grown from a single site to multiple taprooms spread across the city, featuring a variety of core and seasonal beers. A wheat beer flavoured with dried mandarin orange peels and an ale made from red koji rice are just two examples of the beers that Jing-A Brewing utilizes to flavour its products.

The launch of their Mandarin Wheat and Worker’s Pale Ale, which they are celebrating, marks Singapore’s first venture into the global market. Shopee, Lazada, and pubs like KPO, Sol, and Fu Lin all sell them.

Sunbird Brewing Company

Despite being just two years old, Sunbird Brewing Company is no slouch when it comes to producing delicious craft beers with a variety of interesting flavours. Take their Cherry Blossom Saison, for instance. It is a silky beer in the Saison style that has been combined with the flowery flavour of Kawazu-Zakura soft cherry blossom petals. 


A light, easy-drinking beer with a crisp citrus fragrance and a malty aftertaste, The Fly In Light Pale Ale is perfect for any occasion. Galactic Tropical Stout, an otherwise traditional stout, adds a touch of the tropics, while Fluff Up Belgian Witbier offers a light, earthy finish with a tinge of herbal and citrus aromas.

Ren Min

Previously known as 3rd Culture Brewing, the neighbourhood company Ren Min started operating in 2016. They originally established their taproom at the Maxwell Food Center, serving specialty beers from across the world, and then expanded to the Old Airport Road Food Center.

Last year, the duo decided to alter their moniker after three years as SiB. They are currently known by the Chinese name Ren Min, which translates to “red wine”. Following the redesign, they intend to launch their brewery. Ren Min is now brewing beer at a multitude of sites while the facility is still being built.

Their second and most current batch of beers is made in Vietnam, where they sell a stout, a session IPA, and a trio of IPAs in the hazy, hazy, and smoothie-style varieties. The brewery argues that the titles, which range from Cloud Chasing to Kiss Kiss, are an ode to the fundamental pleasures of life that have been momentarily taken away from us.

Pink Blossoms Brewing

Pink Blossoms Brewing provides some intriguing brews here that are worth sampling because of their big, strong flavours. Try their Lean on Me, the first craft beer offered in cans, for something cool. It mixes the flavourful New England Pale Ale with a fruity blast of citrus and stone fruit hop notes.


The Hundred Years or Never Say Goodbye are two options for those who enjoy robust stouts. Then there is Let It Be, which lives up to its name as it provides seasonal IPA utilizing whatever ingredients are readily available on a rotating basis.

Best Craft Beers in Singapore

The microbreweries in Singapore are swiftly earning a reputation for crafting some of the best beers in the world.

With so many new craft breweries opening up, it could be difficult to select the best ones. So, in this article, we hope this helped you find something that suits your taste.

What are you waiting for then? Start learning about and drinking your way through Singapore’s craft beer culture!

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The 8 Best Craft Beers In Singapore

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