The 5 Best Places For Coffee In Singapore


Coffee lovers! If you’re looking for the best places for coffee in Singapore—or if you’re in search of the best roast to take home with you and brew yourself in your coffee bar—this post is for you.

The thing is, it was hard to make this list. Singapore is a treasure trove of a lot of things—from breathtaking parks and lighthouses to scenic white-sand beaches and waterfalls— and that includes fantastic coffee shops and roasters/grinders that a) serve great tasting coffee and snacks and b) don’t break the bank. And of course, as coffee lovers ourselves, it was really difficult to narrow down our options when there are hundreds to choose from. But we tried our best!

Here’s the list of places that will offer you the best, most satisfying cup of coffee.

Perk Coffee

We have a lot of things to say about Perk Coffee but we will try to calm down and summarise it here.


Perk Coffee boasts high-quality beans that have an excellent aroma, colour, shape and size that will wow you the moment you open your pack.

And as if things can’t get any better, Perk Coffee will have the best-tasting coffee delivered right to your doorstep! Convenient, isn’t it?

They offer customisable subscriptions to their great selection of whole beans, grounded beans, pods and even drip bags. Based on your coffee drinking habits and preference, they can send you a pack of their hand-roasted beans every week, or every 2, 3, or 4 weeks. And when you’ve had too much coffee (which is ridiculous since can you even have too much of this divine drink? We don’t think so!) you can pause your subscription or change it to something else.

Their selection includes coffee beans from all around the world! Are you in the mood for some coffee from Ethiopia? You might wanna try the high-end tasting yet humble African bean—Ethiopian Yirgacheffe! Or maybe you wanna try their Nespresso compatible pods? Immerse yourself in the experience of their Intrepid PerkPods, a “rich and bold blend of premium coffee from Brazil and Sumatra, dark roasted to enhance the full-bodied cedar notes and velvety chocolate finish.”

The bottom line is, whatever your preference, there is surely a perfect option for you at Perk Coffee.


Perk Coffee provides the best experience and is rated A(+)mazing!

Grab your first Perk Coffe beans here!

Five Oars Coffee Roasters

Five Oars is known for its ambience that lures both patrons and new customers to check out its menu. Its rustic-industrial themed interior is reminiscent of Melbourne, very Instagramable if you ask us!

While the main stars of this cafe are its flavorful and satisfying Melbourne-inspired dishes—from egg-centric brunch options and vegan desserts to savoury steaks and seafood—their selection of freshly roasted coffee will wow you!

Five Oars primarily uses two types of coffee beans for their espresso-based drinks: Mahogany (Brazil & Colombia) and a single-origin Ethiopia, both roasted in-house.


And hey, did we hear someone ask “what about happy hour?!” We heard you, and so did Five Oars! Featuring a huge selection from the local brewery Brewlander, Five Oars is ready to satisfy your need for a glass of beer. If you’re more of a wine person, you can also enjoy Five Oars’ options from PIVĒNE.

If you want to take home your own coffee beans, you can also check out Five Oars’ website!

With offerings for a satisfying brunch, energizing snacktime and up to a filling dinner, Five Oars is perfect for any time of the day!

Find Five Oars Coffee Roasters at 6 Upper East Coast Road or at Asia Square Tower 1 for takeaway coffee.

Knockhouse Cafe

Are you someone who likes to taste new coffee every day? Knockhouse Cafe, formerly known as Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, or simply Pacamara Cafe, might just be the place for you!


Knockhouse Cafe’s simple and chic white interior is a sight for sore eyes, and the dark green and wood accents just complete the vibe.

TMI: We have never seen a place as white as Knockhouse Cafe back when it was still called Pacamara Cafe. The cafe rebranded in 2021 and just this year, it went through a major renovation. From the white stools, lamps, walls, white coffee machines and counter, a new yet familiar Knockhouse Cafe emerged! Indeed, it is another Instagram-worthy place!

Knockhouse offers creative mixes and it is popularized by the cafe’s signature Brew of the Day. You can enjoy their hand-brewed coffee blended through a unique formula by their baristas. Their most requested however might be their magnificent lattes prepared meticulously using their signature Roadster. Knockhouse uses only the best-tasting coffee beans like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Knockhouse also has the perfect dishes to pair with your choice of coffee, or other drinks such as teas and sodas, like their flavourful pasta, burgers, steaks and even Japanese dons! And like most cafes in town, Knockhouse also offers coffee beans to take home with you!

This Western-Japanese fusion cafe’s white and green facade is hard to miss in the heart of Upper Thomson Road, at 185th!

Bearded Bella

Bearded Bella calls itself a small neighbourhood eatery, we call them the heart of coffee culture at Tanjong Pagar and Bukit Timah. Get your daily dose of coffee from Bearded Bella and experience the taste of the world!

They have in-house roasted coffee selections originating from Mexico, Ethiopia, Kenya and even Honduras. They also offer these coffee brews seasonally to provide that authentic coffee experience in every cup.

To make it even better, Bearded Bella also has a huge selection of delectable brunch dishes—from toasts and burgers to homemade cakes and vegan bacon (IS THAT A THING? Yes, it is!)

Enjoy your brunch and takeaway dinners at their two branches, 73 Hillcrest Road, Bukit Timah and 8 Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar!

Old Hen Coffee Bar

When talking about coffee, you can’t forget cold brews—the official thirst quencher of coffee lovers! The best iced coffee might just be found at the Old Hen Coffee Bar.

Old Hen offers good coffee and hearty brunch options guaranteed to wake you during a hot summer day. They work with Nylon Coffee Roasters, Koppi Roasters and La Cabra Coffee to deliver only the most exceptional quality of roasts in every cup.

Find their coffee bar at 88 Rangoon Road #01-03, Singapore or at 127 Owen Road Singapore!

The 5 Best Places For Coffee In Singapore: Final Thoughts

We hope we helped you in choosing the best places for coffee in Singapore! This list should be able to provide your needs according to your preferences and taste.

Do you have a suggestion? Let us know and we might feature your favourite in our next post!

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