Which Terminal Is Etihad Airways In Singapore?


Travellers flying with Etihad Airways from Singapore Changi Airport should proceed to Terminal 2. Following a period in which various airlines and terminals were reorganised, Etihad Airways resumed its operations from Terminal 2. Changi Airport, renowned for its exceptional service and state-of-the-art facilities, offers a streamlined and comfortable experience for passengers flying with Etihad Airways.

Terminal 2 provides a variety of amenities and services to ensure a smooth journey for all passengers. It has undergone several enhancements to cater to the evolving needs of today’s travellers, including modern check-in counters and advanced baggage handling systems. The terminal is well-equipped to provide a pleasant pre-flight experience for those travelling on Etihad Airways to their various destinations.

Etihad Airways at Singapore Changi Airport

Etihad Airways operates from a specific terminal at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN), providing passengers with essential services and facilities for a smooth travel experience.

Terminal Information

Etihad Airways operates out of Terminal 2 at Singapore Changi Airport. This terminal services various international flights and accommodates both business and first-class travellers.


Check-In and Departures

Passengers flying with Etihad Airways can check-in at Terminal 2. They are advised to verify their flight number and flight status for a streamlined departure process. The terminal also has self-service kiosks for added convenience during check-in.

Services and Facilities

Singapore Changi Airport offers a range of services and facilities to enhance the travel experience. These include multiple airport lounges, exclusive lounges for business and first-class passengers, as well as extensive dining and retail options. State-of-the-art technology ensures a smoother process at immigration and security checkpoints.

Airport Transfers and Connectivity

For passengers with connecting flights across different terminals, the free Skytrain service operates within the airport. Terminals also have thorough signage to assist with transfers. Public transport is readily available for entering and exiting the airport, including taxis and buses.

Access and Regulations

Policies and regulations at Singapore Changi Airport are strictly implemented to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. The airport is well-equipped with infrastructure to accommodate international travellers, including those with additional mobility needs. It’s imperative to abide by the immigration policy and security regulations while travelling.

Navigating Changi Airport

Changi Airport in Singapore provides seamless connectivity and world-class facilities, ensuring a convenient and comfortable transit for travellers.


Transportation and Directions

Skytrain: The airport’s internal Skytrain service operates between Terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4, facilitating easy movement for passengers. It is synonymous with swiftness and efficiency.

Public Transport: Travellers can utilise taxis and public buses for transportation to and from the airport. Available services are reliable and frequent, providing a hassle-free experience.

Terminal Layout and Amenities

Terminals: Changi Airport is comprised of four main terminals, each designed with distinct lounges, dining areas, and a multitude of shops. Conveniences such as complimentary Wi-Fi and charging stations are readily available.

  • Dining: A variety of dining options cater to diverse taste preferences, ranging from fast food to gourmet experiences scattered across all terminals.
  • Shops: Retail therapy is abundant with an array of shops offering electronics, fashion, souvenirs, and more.
  • Services: For ease of access, information counters and customer service are strategically positioned to assist with traveller inquiries and needs.

Etihad Airways operates predominantly from Terminal, fulfilling travellers’ journey with exemplary services and dedicated booking assistance, both onsite and online.

Etihad Airways’ Services

Etihad Airways provides travellers with distinct services across its various class offerings, striving for a comfortable and tailored travel experience regardless of the chosen tier.


First and Business Class

First Class passengers with Etihad Airways experience the pinnacle of luxury and service. They enjoy access to private suites on select aircraft, offering the utmost in privacy and comfort. Seats convert into flat beds, allowing passengers to rest and arrive refreshed at their destinations. The Business Class service is not far behind, providing roomy seats, extra legroom, and a focus on productivity for the business traveller. Both classes offer priority check-in and boarding, a gourmet menu, and premium entertainment selections.

Economy Class

Economy Class service centres on providing comfort and value to passengers. With ergonomically-designed seats that feature adjustable back support and headrests, Etihad ensures a more comfortable journey for its economy travellers. A variety of international meals and in-flight entertainment options keeps passengers satisfied and engaged, even on longer flights.

In-Flight Offerings

Across all classes, Etihad Airways emphasises service quality, from meals inspired by the destination’s cuisine to a broad range of entertainment options. Notably, they provide a customisable in-flight experience, with on-demand entertainment ranging from movies to live TV. The airline also takes care of passenger comfort and seat comfort, adopting the latest advancements for a restful travel experience. International customs and traditions are respected, influencing the airline’s service practices and catering choices.

Preparation for Your Flight

When preparing for a flight with Etihad Airways at Singapore Changi Airport, passengers should be well-informed about the baggage allowances and the security procedures. These are crucial for a smooth check-in process and airport experience.

Baggage Information

Etihad Airways provides clear guidelines for luggage allowance. For passengers flying First Class, the allowance typically includes two pieces of carry-on luggage with a maximum weight limit of 12 kilograms each and checked luggage with a weight limit depending on the destination. It’s necessary to check the latest flight status for any changes in baggage regulations before heading to the airport.

  • Carry-on Baggage: Must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front.
    • Economy Class: 1 item, up to 7 kg
    • Business and First Class: 2 items, up to 12 kg total
  • Checked Baggage: Varies by ticket type and route.
    • Checked baggage exceeding the specified limits may incur additional charges.

Passengers should verify their baggage allowance using the flight code on their ticket and consult Etihad Airways for the most current information.

Security Procedures

Singapore Changi Airport adheres to strict security regulations to ensure passenger safety. All passengers must go through security screening, which includes scanning carry-on items and passing through metal detectors. Travellers should be prepared to remove electronic devices from their bags and comply with the liquid restrictions—containers of up to 100 millilitres, placed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag.

The incorporation of advanced technology at Changi Airport has made the process more efficient, with some terminals offering FAST (Fast And Seamless Travel) options for a smoother check-in. However, adherence to security and immigration procedures is mandatory and passengers are advised to arrive early to allow ample time for these processes.

Connecting Flights and International Travel

This section provides essential information for passengers travelling on Etihad Airways regarding transfer services at Changi Airport, guidance for international passengers, and insights into destinations served by the airline.

Transfer Services

Etihad Airways operates from Terminal 2 at Singapore Changi Airport. Passengers connecting to other flights within Changi Airport can use the Skytrain service, which connects all terminals airside, allowing travellers to move between terminals without clearing immigration. This ensures a seamless travel experience for those in transit. Passengers should have their onward flight details at hand to locate their next gate, as gate information is readily available on airport screens and the Changi Airport mobile app.

International Passenger Guide

For international travellers, it is crucial to ensure all travel documents, including passports and necessary visas, are in order before arrival at the airport. Immigration and customs procedures are streamlined, but passengers should be familiar with the policies and regulations of their airline and destination. Luggage tagged through to the final destination offers convenience, reducing the need to re-check baggage during transit. Changi Airport serves as a significant international gateway to Abu Dhabi and the world, with Etihad Airways connecting passengers to Abu Dhabi International Airport in the UAE. Etihad has established itself as a gateway to Abu Dhabi and beyond.

Access to Destination Insights

Etihad Airways provides passengers with the option to explore Abu Dhabi as a destination or use the Abu Dhabi International Airport as a transit hub to fly with partner airlines like British Airways and Qantas, enhancing the travel experience. Travellers can experience the rich culture and heritage of the UAE or continue to a multitude of international destinations offered by Etihad and its partners. It is advisable for travellers to research their destination’s entry requirements, embrace the local customs, and become acquainted with cultural practices for a fulfilling travel experience.

Contact and Assistance

Passengers flying with Etihad Airways from Singapore Changi Airport can seek assistance at the Etihad Airways counter located in the designated terminal. To manage bookings, passengers may utilise the Etihad Airways mobile app or visit the airline’s website. In case of ticket cancellations or refunds, passengers are advised to contact the Etihad Airways Singapore Office.

Assistance at the Airport:

  • Information Desks: Spread throughout the terminal for in-person queries.
  • Customer Service Staff: Available to provide guidance and support.

Online and Social Media Assistance:

  • Twitter: @EtihadHelp for quick support and updates.
  • Help Centre: Accessible via the Etihad Airways website for comprehensive assistance.

For immediate help while at Changi Airport, travellers can approach the information desks or customer service representatives who are ready to offer assistance with flight information, airport services, and other queries. Contact details for the Etihad Airways office at Changi Airport are available for passengers needing specific support regarding their travel with Etihad Airways.

Below is a table summarising the contact points for passenger assistance:

Contact MethodResourcePurpose
Information DesksThroughout the terminalIn-person queries and guidance
Customer ServiceEtihad Airways CounterBooking management and other queries
Social Media (Twitter)@EtihadHelpQuick support and updates
Online Help CentreVia Etihad Airways websiteComprehensive assistance

It is recommended for passengers to have the contact information handy and to approach the appropriate resource for their specific needs while at Changi Airport.

Which lounge does Etihad use in Singapore?

Etihad Airways operates its lounge services for First Class and The Residence guests at Singapore Changi Airport. The lounge is a symbol of luxury, offering a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable wait for their premium passengers.

Facilities Include:

  • Private Sanctuary: Exclusively for The Residence and First-Class passengers.
  • Reception Lobby: Guests are greeted in a dedicated area.
  • Private Elevator Access: Ensures a seamless journey to the lounge.
  • Dining Room: Offers a sophisticated dining experience with a selection of international cuisine and fine wines.

Passengers seeking respite in tranquil environments can utilise these facilities in designated lounges at the airport terminals. Etihad has ensured that these lounges serve as a perfect setting for rest or catching up on work before their flight.

Location: Visitors can find the exact terminal location for Etihad Airways lounges on the airport’s website or by inquiring at the airport’s information counters. Etihad typically operates at Terminal 2, according to the provided search results, though it’s always wise to confirm as terminals can change due to airport operations.

Please note that lounge access is subject to eligibility and may vary depending on the ticket class, frequent flyer status, or membership tier. Passengers can check their lounge access eligibility and opening hours through Etihad Airways’ official channels.

Which airlines fly from Terminal 2 in Singapore?

Several airlines operate flights from Terminal 2 at Singapore Changi Airport. Known for integrating modern design with natural elements, this terminal serves as a hub for travellers heading to various destinations.

Airlines operating at Terminal 2 include but are not limited to:

  • All Nippon Airways: typically found at Row 8.
  • Etihad Airways: check-in at Row 1.
  • Ethiopia Airlines: available at Row 12.
  • Firefly: operates from Rows 10 and 12.
  • IndiGo: stationed at Row 2.
  • Lufthansa: uses Rows 4 and 5.
  • Malaysia Airlines: positioned at Row 7.
  • Royal Brunei: locates at Row 12.
  • Sichuan Airlines: check-in at Row 11.
  • Singapore Airlines: operates regional flights to Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Nepal from this terminal.

Passengers should note that while this list is indicative of the airlines at Terminal 2, changes in operations may occur. Individuals are advised to confirm the current terminal information with their respective airline prior to travel.

How early does one need to be at the airport in Singapore?

When flying out of Singapore Changi Airport, passengers are advised to check in at the airport three hours before their flight’s scheduled departure. This is particularly important for those with baggage to check in, as the check-in counters will close 40 minutes prior to the flight departure.

For a smoother experience, passengers can take advantage of early check-in options available across Changi Airport’s terminals. Some airlines offer check-in services up to 48 hours in advance. This flexibility allows travellers to enjoy the airport’s amenities without time pressure.

Here is a quick reference for check-in times at Changi Airport:

  • Check-in counters open: Up to 48 hours before departure, depending on the airline
  • Arrival at airport: At least 3 hours before departure, especially if checking baggage
  • Check-in counters close: 40 minutes before departure

Travellers should also monitor the Flight Information Display Screens upon arrival at the airport to locate their airline’s check-in row.

Please refer to individual airlines for more specific guidelines, as requirements may vary. Carriers may have different stipulations depending on the destination, flight duration, or even the class of travel.

Always carry valid travel documents—a valid passport, air ticket or booking confirmation, and visa if applicable. This preparation ensures a smooth check-in process at Changi Airport.

How many terminals are there in Singapore airport?

Singapore Changi Airport, commonly referred to as Changi Airport, boasts a total of four operational terminals: Terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4. These terminals are part of a large 9.7-square-mile site that efficiently handles a substantial volume of passengers and flights, contributing to the airport’s status as a pivotal transportation hub within the Asia-Pacific region. Presently, a fifth terminal is under development, promising to expand the airport’s capacity and infrastructure.

  • Terminal 1: It is well-regarded for its aesthetically pleasing design and multitude of amenities.
  • Terminal 2: Has facilities that cater to travellers’ needs and is connected to Terminal 3 via a link bridge.
  • Terminal 3: Known for its spacious layout and the presence of many retail and dining options.
  • Terminal 4: The newest addition, accessible by a 24-hour shuttle bus service from Terminal 2.

Travellers can navigate between terminals using the airport’s Skytrain system, which operates both “airside” and “landside.” The airside connectivity allows transit passengers to move between terminals without immigration clearance, whereas landside connectivity is available to all visitors. This seamless integration ensures a convenient transfer experience for passengers with connecting flights or for those seeking to access the different services each terminal offers.

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