Annie Goh

Annie Goh was born and raised in Singapore, and grew up on a steady diet of hawker food, fine dining, and everything in between thanks to her parent's passion for food and adventure. After spending the early part of her career travelling the world, Annie has now come home to share her love of Singapore with the world.

fort canning park a heritage haven amidst singapore's urban jungle

Fort Canning Park: A Heritage Haven Amidst Singapore’s Urban Jungle

Fort Canning Park is a historical landmark in Singapore, offering visitors a glimpse into the country's rich past combined with a serene escape from the ...
how many casinos are in singapore?

How Many Casinos Are In Singapore?

With two major casinos, Singapore offers a controlled and well-regulated environment for those wishing to enjoy their downtime visiting a casino. The two establishments are the ...
singapore botanic gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens: A Detailed Guide to the City’s Green Oasis

Singapore Botanic Gardens serves as a lush oasis in the bustling city of Singapore, offering a serene retreat amidst the urban landscape. As the nation's ...
bukit timah nature reserve a guide to singapore’s ecological treasure

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: A Guide to Singapore’s Ecological Treasure

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve stands as one of Singapore's ecological treasures, located just 15 kilometres from the bustling Downtown Core. It occupies the highest natural ...
Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum in Singapore at sunset.

Singapore’s Tourism Trends To Improve Local Economy

The Tourism Board of Singapore recently reported some heavy players that contributed to the surge in tourist numbers last year. Key markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, ...
marina bay sands boardwalk

Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk: A Guide to Singapore’s Iconic Waterfront Promenade

Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk is a waterfront promenade offering unparalleled views of the Singapore skyline. The boardwalk serves as a scenic vantage point where visitors ...
Unidentified people picnic in the Singapore Botanic Gardens in Singapore. Opened in 1859, the gardens now cover 74 hectares.

Best Picnic Spots Singapore: Top Relaxing Getaways For Outdoor Dining

Singapore offers a plethora of picturesque spots perfect for picnicking amidst nature. From the serene lawns within the Botanic Gardens to the lively coastal stretch ...
what is the rainy season for singapore

What Is The Rainy Season For Singapore?

Singapore's climate is classified as tropical rainforest, which results in high humidity and abundant rainfall throughout the year. Despite the relative constancy of temperature and ...
what is singapore's coldest month

What Is Singapore’s Coldest Month?

Singapore's climate does not fluctuate wildly, given its position just off the equator, showcasing a consistent tropical climate. Temperatures in Singapore are fairly stable throughout ...
is it usually hot in singapore

Is it usually hot in Singapore?

Singapore lies merely 1.5 degrees north of the Equator, basking in warm and humid tropical conditions year-round. The temperature in this bustling city-state seldom strays ...
what is the best month to visit singapore

What is the Best Month to Visit Singapore?

Selecting the best month to visit Singapore depends on personal preferences and what one is hoping to experience. Singapore is an appealing destination year-round due ...
how long is the flight from brisbane to singapore

How Long Is The Flight From Brisbane To Singapore?

Travelling from Brisbane to Singapore is a common journey for both business and leisure travellers. The flight duration for a non-stop flight typically takes approximately ...