The 5 Best Korean-Style Cakes In Singapore


Anything Korean has been the buzz lately and just recently, Korean-style cakes have become a phenomenon in Singapore. These cake cafes specialise in delicate and intricate small cakes, aside from their standard-sized options, typically served with tea. They have gained popularity for their Instagram-worthy presentations and exotic flavours.

Here are five places that offer the best Korean-style cakes in Singapore.

Dough Re Mi

A clever play on do-re-mi and the prettiest designs place this shop at the top of the list. Dough Re Mi offers dainty and minimalistic designs that are surely going to melt anyone’s heart. And of course, it offers a taste that matches the cakes’ presentation.

Lunchbox cakes are pretty popular on their huge menu. Generally serves two people, each lunchbox cake comes with a candle and wooden spork. You can choose any design and shape you want and the message is 100% customizable!


Two sizes are available, 4” and 6”. You can generally choose from five flavours: Vanilla (Vanilla genoise + vanilla buttercream), chocolate (chocolate genoise + chocolate buttercream), matcha (matcha genoise + matcha buttercream, for an additional $8/12), mocha (coffee genoise + chocolate buttercream, for an additional $8/12), and Earl Grey (Earl grey genoise + earl grey buttercream, for an additional $8/12).

Try cakes in various shapes for every occasion! Indulge yourself with the tastiest cakes starting at $29.90!


Owned by a self-taught baker, SIMPLYBAKEZ offers bestselling Korean cakes with their own personal twist! Spoiler alert, though, they’re fully booked for June.

They offer standard cakes in the following sizes: 5″, 6″, 7″, 8”, 6”-tall, and 8”-tall. They also have 4-inch lunchbox cakes made up of 2 layers of sponge cake covered in non-dairy cream.

Some of their designs are minimalistic, portrait, brush-strokes, painting, 3D, and calendars!


Cakes from SIMPLYBAKEZ contain non-dairy cream, giving them an ice cream-like taste. They have a huge selection of flavours: Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, cookies and cream, biscoff, Nutella, fruits like blueberry and mango, and matcha.

Standard and customized cakes start at $45 while lunchbox cakes start at $26!

Three Petals Cake Studio

Three Petals Cake Studio is known for its Korean-style cakes, which come in a variety of designs ranging from simple to incredibly elaborate. Give them your favourite photo, and they’ll be able to recreate it on the cake!

If you want something more on the minimalist side, Three Petals got your back!

Three Petals offers petite cakes that come in 2 shapes (round and heart) and 2 flavours (vanilla and chocolate). The designs are fixed as well as the colours but the message is customizable. They have 154 designs alone to choose from so it’s not really an issue if you can’t provide your design.


For their customized cakes, you can contact them to show your preferred design. You can ask for other flavours such as green tea, strawberry, cookies n cream, choco mint chip, choco sea salt caramel, choco peanut butter, mocha with cream cheese frosting, and carrot walnut with cream cheese frosting for an additional $12.

You can get your cakes in three sizes: Reg 4″ (3-4pax), 6″ (8-12pax) and petite 4″ (1-2pax). Cakes start at $55! specializes in cute designs so if you want a Pokemon-themed cake or maybe a Cars-themed one, they’re your best bet!

You can get your adorable bento cakes in 3 shapes—square, round and heart— and design cakes in two sizes: 5” and 6”. Looking for something naughty? Try out their Bad Egg or Drunken Egg Series! The colours and messages are customizable per request. All cakes come in two flavours: Vanilla and chocolate.

Petite cakes start at $28, design cakes at $60, and series at $59.


Bento Cake Burglar

If you’re searching for Korean-style cakes with a wider variety of flavours, go to Bento Cake Burglar. Mango Passionfruit, Classic Chocolate, Strawberry Cream, Cookies n Cream, Speculoos Cookie, and Salted Caramel Chocolate are among the six gourmet flavours available.

Design-wise, Bento Cake Burglar offers minimalist and simple options. You can also customize your own cake if you want that personal touch!

Their gourmet bento cakes start at $19.90 while custom cakes at $27.90!

The 5 Best Korean-Style Cakes In Singapore – Final Thoughts

Korean-style cakes are becoming more and more popular in Singapore. This article highlighted five of the best Korean-style cakes available in Singapore.

What’s your favourite Korean-style cake in Singapore? Drop a comment below and let us know! We’d love to try out all the different shops and find the best Korean-style cake in town.

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