How Long Is The Flight From Brisbane To Singapore?


Travelling from Brisbane to Singapore is a common journey for both business and leisure travellers. The flight duration for a non-stop flight typically takes approximately 8 hours and 9 minutes, given that a commercial airliner travels at an average speed of about 805 kilometres per hour. This direct route is favoured by those looking to maximise their time in Singapore, as opposed to alternate travel options that often involve lengthy layovers or additional travel time.

The flight path crosses a significant portion of the Australian continent before reaching Singapore, which is one of Asia’s major aviation hubs. Factors such as wind speeds and specific flight routes can influence actual flight times, with airliners usually including a buffer for taxiing on the runway. Passengers are advised to anticipate some variation in their travel schedule, although airlines strive to maintain consistency in their flight times as much as possible.

Air travel between Brisbane and Singapore is serviced by a number of airlines, offering a range of prices and services. Some travellers opt to fly during off-peak periods to take advantage of lower ticket prices, as evident in fluctuating fare trends throughout the year. Nonetheless, regardless of the time of year, this international route provides a vital link, connecting two dynamic cities across the Asia-Pacific region.

Brisbane to Singapore Overview

Travellers considering a trip from Brisbane to Singapore can expect a direct flight time of approximately 8 hours. The route covers a significant distance over the ocean, making direct flights an efficient choice for passengers.


Flight Time

The average flight duration from Brisbane to Singapore typically lasts about eight hours. This time includes the take-off and landing durations, where an average of 30 minutes is added to the in-flight time. It is important to note that the flight time may vary depending on factors such as wind speeds and flight path alterations.

Distance and Route

The distance between Brisbane and Singapore is roughly 6,200 kilometres (3,853 miles). Flights generally follow a route that traverses the Coral Sea and across numerous countries in the Indonesian archipelago before reaching Singapore. This path allows for a relatively straight trajectory, minimising any unnecessary flight time.

Airports and Airlines

When travelling from Brisbane to Singapore, passengers will depart from Brisbane Airport (BNE) and arrive at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN). Various airlines operate on this route, including Qantas and Singapore Airlines, both members of the Star Alliance network.

Brisbane Airport (BNE)

Brisbane Airport is the primary international airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland. It is equipped with both domestic and international terminals, facilitating seamless travel for passengers. As the third-busiest airport in Australia by passenger numbers, Brisbane Airport plays a pivotal role in connecting travellers with Asia, including flights to Singapore.

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Renowned for its exceptional facilities and passenger experience, Singapore Changi Airport is the major hub for international travel to and from Singapore. Changi Airport has been consistently awarded for its high-quality services and amenities. It serves as an important hub for flights arriving from Brisbane and other global destinations.


Airlines Operating the Route

Multiple airlines provide services between Brisbane and Singapore. Both Qantas and Singapore Airlines offer direct flights, and being part of the Star Alliance network, they ensure well-coordinated flight schedules for travellers. Here are the primary airlines operating the Brisbane-Singapore route:

  • Qantas: Australia’s flag carrier airline, offering services to SIN with a reputation for safety and reliable service.
  • Singapore Airlines: Known for high standards of service and a comprehensive flight schedule to and from BNE.

Flight Experience

When travelling from Brisbane to Singapore, passengers can expect a range of service classes and aircraft types that contribute to the overall flight experience.

Classes of Service

Airlines typically offer several classes of service to accommodate the varying preferences and budgets of travellers. On flights from Brisbane to Singapore, passengers may find the following options:

  • Economy Class: The standard class promising value for money, featuring basic amenities and services.
  • Premium Economy: A step above economy, providing more legroom, enhanced entertainment options, and superior catering.
  • Business Class: Offers a higher level of comfort, with lie-flat seats, gourmet meals, and additional privacy.

Aircraft Types Used

The aircraft type significantly affects the flight quality. Common aircraft that operate on the Brisbane to Singapore route include:

  • Airbus A350-900: Known for its fuel efficiency and cabin comfort, the A350-900 is a state-of-the-art aircraft that provides a quiet and comfortable journey.
  • Other Aircrafts: Depending on the airline, a variety of other large, wide-body aircraft may be utilised to ensure a pleasant and safe trip for passengers.

Flight Preparation

When preparing for a flight from Brisbane to Singapore, passengers should be cognisant of the processes involved in check-in and departure to ensure a timely and smooth start to their journey.


Check-In and Departure

Passengers should arrive at the airport well before their scheduled departure time, allowing for potential delays such as long queues or unexpected events. Check-in usually opens three hours before long-haul flights and closes an hour before scheduled departure. It is essential to have all necessary documentation ready, including a passport and visa if required, when approaching the check-in counter.

After completing check-in, travellers should proceed promptly to their departure gate. Gates can close up to 20 minutes before the flight’s departure, making it imperative to allow sufficient time to navigate through security checks and any other airport formalities.

During check-in and boarding, potential delays could occur. These could be due to travel time from the airport entrance to the gate, delays in security clearance, or even taxi wait times if arriving at the airport using ground transportation. Passengers should be prepared for additional wait times for take-off since aeroplanes may taxi to the runway, which can take extra minutes depending on the airport’s size and traffic.

For the actual flight, the average travel time on a direct flight from Brisbane to Singapore is approximately 8 hours and 9 minutes. This time includes the duration for take-off and landing, and can vary based on factors such as wind speeds. Understanding these factors helps travellers have realistic expectations about their total travel duration.

Brisbane to Singapore Flight Time FAQs

Is Brisbane to Singapore a Long Haul Flight?

When it comes to defining what constitutes a long haul flight, there’s a bit of variability, but generally speaking, flights that are longer than 6-7 hours are often considered long haul. The flight distance from Brisbane to Singapore is approximately 3,816 miles (6,141 kilometres) or 3,316 nautical miles (Air Miles Calculator). Given this distance, flights from Brisbane to Singapore typically take around 8 hours, depending on factors such as wind speeds and flight paths.


Given these parameters, a flight from Brisbane to Singapore does indeed fall into the category of a long haul flight. This means passengers can expect to be in the air for an extended period, crossing multiple time zones, and experiencing the full-service amenities that airlines provide for longer journeys. It’s a significant time commitment and one that usually necessitates more preparation than shorter flights, like ensuring comfort with appropriate in-flight entertainment, sleep support, and hydration strategies.

Can You Fly Direct from Brisbane to Singapore?

Yes, you can fly direct from Brisbane to Singapore, which is great news for travellers looking to minimise transit times and avoid layovers. Direct flights are available, bypassing the need to stop at another airport along the way. The direct flight duration from Brisbane to Singapore is approximately 8 hours and 10 minutes, offering a swift and efficient way to travel between these two destinations ( Airlines such as Qantas provide non-stop services on this route, ensuring a seamless journey across the 3,816-mile stretch. With direct flights, passengers can enjoy the convenience of departing from Brisbane and arriving in Singapore without the hassle of changing planes or waiting in transit lounges.

What Plane Does Qantas Fly from Brisbane to Singapore?

Qantas operates the route from Brisbane to Singapore using the Airbus A350-900 aircraft. This state-of-the-art aircraft is known for its fuel efficiency, comfort, and long-range capability. The A350-900 is a popular choice for long-haul flights due to its passenger-friendly cabin with features like improved air quality, a quieter interior, and mood lighting designed to reduce jet lag. With a typical three-class configuration, it comfortably carries a large number of passengers, making it an excellent choice for the Brisbane to Singapore route, which is a key international service for Qantas (Airbus A350-900).

What Plane Does Singapore Airlines Use from Brisbane to Singapore?

Singapore Airlines operates its flights from Brisbane to Singapore using the Airbus A350-900 aircraft. This modern and efficient aircraft is part of Singapore Airlines’ commitment to providing a comfortable and environmentally friendly travel experience. The A350-900 is well-regarded for its quiet and spacious cabin, advanced air filtration systems, and lighting designed to ease the effects of jet lag. The aircraft’s design and features cater to long-haul flights, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a more relaxed journey on their trip from Brisbane to Singapore. With its long range and passenger-friendly amenities, the Airbus A350-900 is an ideal choice for this route, reflecting Singapore Airlines’ dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

How Far is Brisbane from Singapore by Plane?

The distance from Brisbane to Singapore by plane is approximately 3,816 miles (6,141 kilometres) or 3,316 nautical miles. This considerable distance is covered by direct flights, which typically take around 8 hours to complete the journey, depending on wind conditions and the specific flight path taken. The direct air route between these two cities spans across the Australian continent and over the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, making it a true long-haul flight.

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