15 Best Indoor Activities For Kids In Singapore


Singapore’s weather may change quickly. If it isn’t the searing heat, it’s the heavy rain or the extremely hazy conditions. Every parent in Singapore may be wondering what to do and where to go with their children due to the rain.

But don’t let the rain make your family feel down!

You may engage in a variety of indoor activities with your children. There is more than enough to keep the little ones (and tweens) busy on a wet day, whether you have a reader, an ambitious climber, or a miniature Michelle Kwan on your hands. 

There are so many great things to do with kids in Singapore, but these are our best recommendations for places to take the children on unpleasant, rainy days to keep them busy, interested, and entertained. This is a family rainy day guide since everyone will have fun and enjoy themselves!


Best indoor activities for kids in Singapore

Singapore Wake Park

The closest cable-ski park used to be in Batam. However, you can wakeboard right on this island thanks to the brand-new Singapore Wake Park. The park offers three cable systems that are suitable for users of all skill levels, including children: beginner, intermediate, and full-sized. The first two are operator-controlled and only allow one rider at a time to make sure beginners master their first experience balancing on the board—it’s not as easy as it appears.

Everything is provided, including kneeboards, wakeboards, helmets, and vests. For post-workout sustenance, the on-site café Coastal Rhythm, run by the same restaurant company as Coastal Settlement and Symmetry, offers a blend of local and Western favourites, including chicken tikka pizza and battered otah.

Location: 1206A East Coast Parkway Singapore

The City 

Before KidZania, there was The City. Children between the ages of 18 months and 8 years old can pretend to be adults in a variety of jobs and occupations in a modern, kid-sized metropolis thanks to the interactive learning playground. A police station, a fire station, a clinic, a store, a post office, and a café are among the several zones that make up the playground. Children may play cook, doctor, cashier, policeman, and even play “drive” on tiny streets complete with traffic signals and signs by dressing up in their outfits. Children’s life skills, such as money management and knowledge of nutrition, health, safety, and cleanliness, are being developed through these role-playing games.

Location: I-12, #03-31 Katong East Coast Road, 112 Singapore


Let ’em Play

At this play area with a variety of activities, kids may climb to their hearts’ delight. There are several rock walls accessible, including two that have rapid climbing and automatic belaying. Children as young as five can attempt to balance on the two-story indoor high-element obstacle course with the assistance of a parent, who is encouraged to climb alongside their younger children. The first augmented reality rock climbing wall in Singapore is the main attraction of Let ’em Play, though. Challenge a rival player to climb a predetermined path, pass a ball back and forth, or hit as many bats as they can while hanging onto the wall, of course. 

The robotics lab is the place to work out your mind after the physical training. Children may learn how to construct from scratch or program robots at the interactive workshops held in the function area, which is also accessible for business gatherings and birthday celebrations.

Location: Tradehub21, #01-100/105 Boon Lay Way, 18 Singapore

ArtScience Museum

In addition to being a famous landmark in Singapore’s skyline, the magnificent lotus-shaped structure serves as a hub for the fusion of technology, culture, science, and the arts. Since it opened in 2011, the ArtScience Museum, which includes 21 gallery spaces, has hosted expansive exhibits by some of the finest artists in the world, including M.C. Escher, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and Leonardo da Vinci. As far as science is concerned, the museum has hosted notable exhibitions that examine fields including big data, particle physics, palaeontology, marine biology, cosmology, and space exploration.

In addition, the museum has organized international exhibitions in collaboration with renowned galleries and museums from around the world, including the British Museum and Science Museum in London, the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, the Australian Centre for Moving Image in Melbourne, and many other establishments.


Location: Marina Bay Sands 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore

Snow City: Take a Day Trip to the Snow

Who is to say that Singapore doesn’t have snow? At Snow City, it most definitely does, and they’re bringing the temperature down even further with a brand-new exhibition for additional icy fun this Christmas holiday.

Step out into icy temperatures of -5 degrees Celsius while wearing your thickest winter attire. Enjoy a drink in the Ice Bar, which has ice-block-made sofas, chairs, and tables. Admire beautiful ice sculptures created by the city’s most famous artist, Jeffrey Ng, that portray scenes of flora and fauna. The Merlion, Sir Stamford Raffles, and other local landmarks may be seen frozen in ice.

There is yet more excitement. Rediscover Snow City’s other attractions; admission to the Ice Hotel Gallery also grants access to them. Throw snowballs at each other in the Snow Field, then slide down the Arctic Snow Slide’s snowy hills.

Location: Snow City Building 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd Singapore


Central Public Library

This library has an extensive variety of fiction books and is home to the first children’s green library in the world, My Tree House. A wide variety of commercial and artistic design services are also housed there. In addition to standard services like self-check borrowing areas, a 24-hour book drop service, multimedia stations, online directories, and photocopy machines, it has a fiction advisory service that recommends fiction books to users based on their interests, as well as assistive reading devices and e-kiosks. This site offers over 134,000 print items. Additionally, it frequently holds events such as book releases, exhibits, book debates, and meet-the-author sessions.

Location: 100 Victoria Street Singapore

National Museum of Singapore 

The National Museum of Singapore, formerly the Singapore History Museum, is the biggest in the area. There are two main galleries in it: the Singapore History Gallery, which chronicles Singapore’s history from its inception in the 14th century to the present, and the Singapore Living Galleries, which are divided into four sections based on four different themes: food, fashion, film, and photography.

Bring the children to the Glass Rotunda to experience Story of the Forest, a massively scaled-down interactive exhibit that digitally recreates the sights and sounds of Southeast Asia’s lush tropical rainforests. It uses illustrations from the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings.

Location: 93 Stamford Rd Singapore

Bounce Singapore

At Bounce Singapore, where you can soar through the air and jump over walls, there is never a dull second. Young children, older teenagers, adults, and even fitness aficionados are accommodated in this addition to the trampoline scene, which has three zones built for varied interests and levels of difficulty. After warming up your muscles at the free-jumping area, make sure to display your basketball abilities at the Slam Dunk, your Spiderman climbing prowess, and your dodgeball prowess at the Wall and Trampoline Dodgeball areas, respectively. For your fill of heart-pounding excitement, adrenaline seekers should head straight for the Leap of Faith, where you jump from an elevated platform to grab a trapeze hung in midair, thus the name.

Location: #09-01 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 8 Grange Road Singapore

NERF Action Xperience

Since the late 1980s, the dart blasters and other foam-based toys from the renowned Nerf company have enjoyed tremendous popularity with kids and kidults. To enhance the Nerf experience, the toymaker Hasbro, which presently owns Nerf, collaborates with the production firm Kingsmen Creatives to create an exhilarating play area that promotes active learning and team building.

You should gather your army of adrenaline junkies for the 18,000-square-foot Nerf entertainment centre. Several indoor-themed exercise zones will get your heart rate up as they put your imagination and agility to the test via active play, teamwork, and more. There are still more interesting events and free weekly programming to get you started, so keep an eye out for them as well. Additionally, you may refuel in the food and beverage sections if all the shooting and dodging of flying pellets have worked up an appetite. You may also buy special Nerf gear from the retail booths there to add to your collection.

Location: #01-208, Marina Square 6 Raffles Blvd Singapore

Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Make a splash at this 23,000-square-foot indoor water playground, which is available for $8 (kids under 18 months old enter free). This enormous play area, which bears the theme “Enchanted Deep Sea,” contains climbing frames connecting its five slides and eight play decks. Most kids will congregate around the splash pad to get drenched since large buckets of water randomly spill in a few places.

Leaving your little child beneath the waterfall is probably not a good idea. Instead, go to a separate wading area designed especially for infants between the ages of 18 and 36 months, where water jets softly spray streams in your direction. Additionally, the playground has three large party rooms, each with a unique theme, if you need to prepare a birthday celebration.

Location: 9 Sentul Cres Singapore

SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa

At the S.E.A. Aquarium, a brand-new underwater experience including updated educational material and immersive audio-visual programmes let you sing along to Under the Sea while you admire over 100,000 aquatic species. The aquarium’s latest makeover, which includes intriguing acoustics and carefully created light effects, is enhanced by this. Through numerous games scattered around the enormous aquarium, children may also learn all about marine life and ocean protection.

Location: Sentosa Island 8 Sentosa Gateway Singapore

Amazing Chambers: An Immersive Escape Room Experience

As long as children under the age of 12 are accompanied by at least one adult, the escape room activities at Amazing Chambers are ideal for families. If they’d like, your older children can play alone. There are five distinct escape rooms to select from, each with an intriguing plot and special interactive features that will keep your heart rate up and your mind engaged. To unravel the secrets and successfully escape, you’ll have to work through the rooms, riddles, and puzzles in a race against time. We adore the fact that every single one of the escape rooms incorporates a historical theme.

Location: 73 Sultan Gate Singapore

Pororo Park

If you’re unfamiliar, Pororo is an adventurous penguin from a Korean cartoon that dreams of flight. This indoor theme park is devoted to the character and his companions. Allow your kids to go wild here: they may jump into a ball pit, ride a train with Eddy the fox as he leads you on a tour of the grounds, and look into Pororo’s ice abode. The smaller children enjoy a special toddler area with foam mats and soft toys, while the older children may climb and duck through jungle gyms.

Location: Marina Square, #02-29 Raffles Blvd., 6 Singapore


This engaging environment offers a variety of spaces where children may run amok and get their hands dirty. It is an educational centre designed especially for children. Themed zones featuring exhibits inspire children to express their creativity, learn about Mother Nature, pique their interest, and widen their horizons to the marvels of the world. Galleries are separated into these themed zones. And gravity plays a significant role in it, as you’ve undoubtedly guessed by now.

Introducing The Big Dream Climber. Hanging doors, flying fish, enormous leaves, and green children are just a few of the fanciful components that make up this two-story high wall from the Mad Hatter’s imagination. In the Music Zone, where they may wreak havoc on PVC pipe drums and organs, if they succeed in climbing the wall, they’ll be able to do just that.

Location: Science Centre 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd Singapore

Bukit Gombak Park

A brand-new park has opened up in Bukit Gombak, making it a new attraction for Westies who enjoy the outdoors. At its highest point, the park rises 45 metres above sea level. It also has a variety of attractions that will appeal to both the young and the elderly.

The 4.8-hectare hill park will have a Butterfly Park, the first dog run in Bukit Gombak, community garden plots, an impending nursery as part of the one million trees project, and breathtaking vistas at its top. It is intended to seem as realistic as possible. A 400-meter circular hill walk will allow you to see the best of Bukit Gombak Park while also allowing you to see a variety of forest tree species along the route.

Bring the kids to the park’s new play area, where they can enjoy additional play structures inspired by nature as well as a 5.3-meter-long slide that has been fitted into the terrain’s natural slope. If not, there are outdoor exercise facilities, large open areas, and the Whisk and Paddle café where you may pass the time.

The fact that Bukit Gombak Park is a node in the Bukit Batok Nature Corridor, providing fresh access to more than 125 hectares of parks and 10 kilometres of nature and park connections, would please hikers who are eager to explore the area. To explore the new Bukit Gombak Park and beyond, lace up your hiking boots and make time in your schedule.

Location: Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 Singapore

Best indoor activities for kids Singapore: Conclusion

Family time appears to be becoming less common as a result of everyone’s constant busy schedules, including children in school and adults pressing deadlines at work. Throw the phones aside and go on an adventure to create some fresh memories, as opposed to returning to the same locations over and again. You can never predict how much fun you’ll have!

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