Which Terminal Is Jeju Air In Singapore?


Jeju Air operates its flights from Singapore Changi Airport through Terminal 4. As one of the newer terminals at Changi, Terminal 4 offers a modern and efficient experience for travellers. With a select group of airlines operating from this terminal, passengers flying with Jeju Air can enjoy the streamlined services and facilities designed for a convenient travel experience.

Singapore Changi Airport, renowned for its exceptional service and facilities, serves as a hub for Jeju Air’s operations in the region. Passengers travelling with Jeju Air can take advantage of the amenities available at Terminal 4, which was reopened in September 2022 to accommodate increasing travel demand. Terminal 4’s integration with advanced technology ensures a pleasant journey for passengers heading to various destinations served by Jeju Air, including the popular route to Busan.

Jeju Air Terminal in Singapore

Passengers travelling with Jeju Air from Singapore will depart from Terminal 4 at Changi Airport. This terminal is known for its streamlined services and modern facilities, ensuring a pleasant journey for all travellers.

Check-in and Departure Information:

  • Terminal: Passengers should proceed to Terminal 4 for Jeju Air flights.
  • Check-in: Regular check-in counters are available for passengers with specific needs, such as those with excess baggage or ticketing issues.

Travel with Pets:

  • Jeju Air provides the facility for passengers to travel with their pets, subject to the rules of the destination country.

Flight Operations:

  • Jeju Air operates direct flights to Busan (PUS) on most days of the week, excluding Thursdays.
  • Passengers should consult Jeju Air for the most current and detailed flight schedules.

Changi Airport offers an array of services to facilitate a comfortable travel experience for passengers of Jeju Air flying from Singapore. It is advisable to check the latest travel and airline regulations before heading to the airport to ensure a smooth and stress-free departure.

Flight Information and Booking

Jeju Air offers a range of flights and services for travellers using Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 4. Passengers have various ticketing options to explore, with access to optional products and services to enhance their flight experience.

Scheduled Flights and Destinations

Jeju Air operates scheduled flights connecting Singapore (SIN) to destinations in South Korea, including Jeju and Busan (PUS). These routes serve as gateways for travellers looking to explore the diverse landscapes and cultural attractions of South Korea.


Tickets and Fares

Jeju Air provides competitive fares with deals that appeal to both the budget-conscious and those seeking more premium options. Economy tickets provide an affordable way to travel, with promotions and flight deals regularly available. Passengers are encouraged to book tickets through official channels or authorised partners to ensure the best prices and conditions.

Optional Products and Services

The airline enhances in-flight comfort with a selection of optional products and services. These include but are not limited to upgraded seating, increased baggage allowance, and in-flight entertainment. Detailed information on these services can be accessed through Jeju Air’s contact channels.

Check-In and Boarding Procedures

Passengers flying with Jeju Air from Singapore Changi Airport will utilise Terminal 4 for their departure needs. The check-in process is essential for a smooth travel experience, and passengers are advised to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their flight to ensure they have adequate time for all pre-flight procedures.

Arrival at Terminal 4Locate the Jeju Air check-in counters.
Check-InPresent your travel documents and have your luggage processed.
ImmigrationClear immigration checks with a valid passport and visa, if necessary.
Security ScreeningProceed through security checks with carry-on luggage.
Boarding at the Assigned GateEnsure you reach the gate before the boarding time provided on your boarding pass.

It is essential to keep the boarding pass and identification readily available, as they will be required at multiple points during the pre-flight process. Additionally, automated kiosks might be available for passengers to check in themselves, depending on the services provided by the airline at the time of travel.

For travellers with excess baggage or specific ticketing issues, a visit to the airline’s regular check-in counter will be required. For groups comprising more than seven individuals within a single booking, the counter staff will assist with check-in and further instructions.


Upon completion of check-in, passengers should proceed through immigration, followed by a security check. After clearing these formalities, they can make their way to the departure gate. It is crucial to be aware of the gate closure time, which is typically 20 minutes before the flight, to prevent any last-minute rush and ensure timely boarding.

Additional Information

When planning your travels with Jeju Air at Singapore Changi Airport, getting the details straight can enhance your journey. This section focuses on up-to-date contact information and the latest promotions that can lead to a more budget-friendly and enjoyable experience.

Airline Contact and Support

Jeju Air provides passengers with dedicated support to address their queries regarding flights and services. Contact the Jeju Air help desk at Singapore Changi Airport for:

  • Assistance with departures and arrivals
  • Information on in-flight amenities
  • Airport directions and services

Travellers can also consult Jeju Air’s global customer service channels for detailed support.

Promotions and Trending Deals

Jeju Air often runs promotions that allow travellers to enjoy more for less. Be on the lookout for trending deals such as:

  • Exclusive discounts: Passengers can sometimes receive an additional 8% off current fares.
  • Destination deals: Promotions on flights to popular destinations, including Jeju Island.

It is advisable to check regularly for new deals or subscribe to Jeju Air’s newsletter to stay informed on the latest offers that can lead to significant savings.

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