What Terminal Is United Airlines At Singapore Changi Airport?


Singapore Changi Airport, known by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) code SIN, serves as a major hub for travellers throughout Asia-Pacific and beyond. Effective from July 20, 2023, United Airlines resumed operations at Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport. Passengers booked on United Airlines flights will find the United check-in counters conveniently located at Row 5, near Door 3. This area is part of the recently reopened departure zone, streamlining the process for travellers as they prepare to fly with United.

Key Takeaways

  • United Airlines operates from Terminal 2 at Singapore Changi Airport.
  • Check-in for United flights is conducted at Row 5 by Door 3.
  • The move to Terminal 2 occurred on July 20, 2023.

Finding Your United Airlines Terminal at Changi Airport

Travelers flying with United Airlines will find themselves at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2. Here, one can locate United’s check-in counters at Row 5, near departure drop off Door 3.

Terminal 2 Features

After returning to operations in Terminal 2 on the 20th of July 2023, United Airlines offers flights to and from this terminal. With a focus on improving passenger experience, check-in for United flights is situated in the recently re-opened departure processing zone at Row 5. The facilities in this area are part of Terminal 2’s ongoing enhancement to manage the recovery in passenger traffic. Passengers can also enjoy the amenities provided in this terminal, which houses several other carriers and provides a variety of services to ensure a smooth travel experience.


Flight Status updates for United Airlines can be monitored on Changi Airport’s official website or mobile app using United’s IATA code “UA” and ICAO code “UAL.” Additionally, Terminal 2 serves as a hub for Star Alliance, of which United is a member, and this terminal supports the collective operations of the network’s airlines in Singapore.

Future Terminal Updates and Renovation

Looking ahead, Changi Airport is expected to fully reopen Terminal 2 by late 2023. This terminal is undergoing significant renovation, adopting a modern design influenced by natural elements to provide an inviting atmosphere for travellers. The transit area will soon feature new dining options and more space, alongside enhanced views of the aircraft and runway activities.

As part of these developments, all Star Alliance carriers that operated from Terminal 2 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic are anticipated to return to their original location within the terminal. This move is in line with Changi Airport’s commitment to providing a consistent and upgraded experience for all passengers and airlines, including United Airlines.

Check-In and Lounge Services

At Singapore Changi Airport, passengers of United Airlines can enjoy a seamless check-in process and access to exclusive lounges that cater to various classes of service and alliance memberships.

Business and First-Class Amenities

Business and First-Class passengers flying with United Airlines have the privilege of experiencing luxury and comfort before their flight. Check-in for these passengers is a premium experience, offering streamlined service to ensure a smooth start to their journey. Following their check-in, these passengers are granted access to upscale Airport Lounges, including the esteemed SATS Premier Lounge, which provides an oasis of tranquillity and top-notch amenities.


Star Alliance and Partner Airlines Facilities

As United Airlines is a member of the prestigious Star Alliance network, eligible passengers, including those with Star Alliance Gold status, also have access to partner lounges such as the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge. These lounges feature a range of facilities from comfortable seating to refreshments, ensuring passengers can relax or work in a serene environment before boarding. United Airlines passengers at Changi can expect convenient service and relaxing lounge options, complementing their travel experience.

Navigating Through Changi Airport

Navigating Singapore Changi Airport is straightforward due to its efficient transit system and well-signed terminals. United Airlines operates from Terminal 2, making it essential for travellers to know the available facilities and services for a smooth experience.

Airport Transit and Connectivity

Changi Airport is lauded for its seamless Airport Transit system, which includes the Skytrain service connecting passengers between terminals. The Skytrain operates both landside and airside, making it convenient for passengers to move from the Arrivals Terminal to the Departures Terminal. For those arriving or departing with United Airlines, the Skytrain runs frequent services to and from Terminal 2.

  • Skytrain operating hours: 5:00 AM to 2:30 AM
  • Connection time between terminals: Approximately 4 minutes

Check-In Facilities are robust and travellers are advised to verify their designated counter in Terminal 2 beforehand, as they are clearly indicated and easy to locate.

Shopping and Dining at Changi Airport

Changi Airport offers an extensive range of retail and dining options. Terminal 2, where United Airlines is situated, houses a variety of shops and eateries that cater to diverse tastes and needs. Passengers can expect luxury boutiques, local souvenirs, and a myriad of food choices, from quick snacks to gourmet meals.


Retail Highlights in Terminal 2:

  • Duty-free shops with a wide selection of perfumes, cosmetics, and liquor
  • Singapore-themed gifts and souvenirs for last-minute shopping

Dining Experience:

  • Array of options covering local Singaporean cuisine to international dishes
  • Coffee shops and bars that suit different preferences and dietary needs

What Terminal Is United Airlines At Singapore Changi Airport? – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find specific answers about United Airlines at Singapore Changi Airport, including check-in information and terminal details.

Where can I find United Airlines check-in counters at Changi Airport?

United Airlines check-in counters are located in Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport. Passengers can proceed to this terminal for all check-in related services.

At which terminal does United Airlines operate for departures from Changi?

Departures for United Airlines flights from Singapore Changi Airport are managed from Terminal 2. This terminal serves as the base for all United Airlines departures until further notice.

How can I contact United Airlines customer service in Singapore?

For customer service inquiries, United Airlines has a terminal office at Singapore Changi Airport located in Terminal 2, offering assistance with cancellations, refunds, and other ticketing-related requests.

Can I find a map showing United Airlines’ location at Changi Airport?

Maps of Singapore Changi Airport are available throughout the airport and online, detailing United Airlines’ location within Terminal 2, including check-in counters and gate information.


Are United Airlines’ flights grouped with other airlines in the same terminal at Changi Airport?

Yes, United Airlines shares Terminal 2 with other airlines, as Changi Airport efficiently groups flights in its terminals to optimize passenger flow and terminal utilization.

What facilities are available at the terminal where United Airlines is located at Changi Airport?

Terminal 2, housing United Airlines, offers a range of facilities including dining, shopping, lounges, and other amenities designed to enhance the passenger experience at Singapore Changi Airport.

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