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Singapore is a bustling city-state that is renowned for its high-quality education system. As a result, it is no surprise that numerous English-language schools in the country offer excellent language programmes for students of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, Singapore has many options for English-language schools.

However, finding the best English school in Singapore can be daunting, especially for those new to the country or unfamiliar with the education system. Factors such as teaching methodology, class size, curriculum, and neighbourhood can all play a significant role in determining the quality of an English-language school.

This article will explore Singapore’s top English-language schools and highlight the key features that make them stand out. Whether you are a student or a working professional looking to improve your English language skills, this guide will help you find the best English school in Singapore to meet your needs.

Best English Schools in Singapore

United Language Centre (ULC)

At United Language Centre (ULC), they are committed to delivering top-notch English lessons in Singapore, along with a welcoming and comfortable environment that encourages you to confidently step outside your comfort zone and speak a second language. They promise to help you improve your English skills and create a community where you can meet new people and form lasting friendships. Regardless of your background or profession, you will feel at home at ULC.


Recognising that their students lead busy lives, they aim to provide convenient support. If you need to take a break or cannot attend a scheduled class, their app allows you to cancel and reschedule with make-up lessons quickly. Whether planning a vacation or requiring a day off, ULC is here to help you manage your English language learning journey.

English Express

If you aspire to speak English fluently and confidently, this is the school you can trust. From day one of class, you will be immersed in speaking English. With the skills you will acquire, conducting business meetings anywhere in the world has become much easier and more convenient for me.

Having a busy schedule, you will appreciate the flexibility of class schedules, which allow you to choose one that suits you. Opting for the evening classes proved to be a delightful experience. What sets The Calan Method apart is that you can practice speaking English from the first day of lessons.

The teaching approach is unparalleled, and the teachers are professional. The classes are well-structured, and the instructor, Matt, is exceedingly patient and supportive. He adapts his teaching methods to cater to his students’ diverse needs and preferences.

Middleton International School

Middleton International School provides an academically rigorous education that enables every student to attain their full potential. The learning environment at Middleton is both nurturing and enriching, providing students with a sense of academic challenge and support.


The teachers at Middleton are attentive to the emotional, social, psychological, and physical development of each student, in addition to their cognitive growth. They offer a motivational framework for every learning opportunity, ensuring that students are engaged and motivated to learn.

Middleton considers parents and community members as partners in the educational process, viewing their active participation as vital to providing students with diverse and multicultural experiences. This partnership enhances the educational opportunities available to students and fosters a sense of community within the school.

English Explorer

They take pride in being a dedicated professional English language school in Singapore, striving to provide the highest standards of English language instruction. Their instructors are fluent English speakers, certified with CELTA and TESOL qualifications, and the prestigious Oxford University of London endorses our curriculum.

They aim to foster excellence in English-language writing, reading, and speaking worldwide through our English classes in Singapore. Depending on your current proficiency level and aspirations, they offer everyday conversational English, business English, and TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses.

They tailor their Business English and Conversational English courses to suit the schedules and preferences of busy working executives such as yourself, regardless of your existing English proficiency level. They also offer English courses for children to aid their academic development, from primary and secondary school to the tertiary level.


School of Language International (SLI)

The School of Language International adheres to a comprehensive and communicative framework that endeavours to advance all four fundamental language abilities: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They achieve this objective by utilising proven course books from renowned publishers such as Oxford, Cambridge, and National Geographic and incorporating authentic materials like magazines, newspapers, videos, and online resources, depending on the situation.

Their most sought-after courses include English, Chinese, French, and Japanese. Their proficient teachers are from diverse countries, including the UK, the US, South Africa, Canada, and China. While they come from different backgrounds, they all share a common ardour for languages and an eagerness for teaching and learning. Their commitment to excellence and professionalism stems from their passion and enthusiasm.

They design their lessons to be dynamic and practical, ensuring that students learn vocabulary and grammar within the context of exciting topics that range from everyday life to global events. Their approach emphasises exchanging ideas and knowledge and actively encourages lively discussions in class. By doing so, their students improve their language skills and gain valuable insights into other cultures and the world around them.

EF International Language Campus

Their programmes, centring on language, travel, cultural exchange, and academics, provide experiential learning that can turn people’s aspirations into opportunities, regardless of age or nationality. They have degree programmes available at the secondary, university, and post-graduate levels, and their graduates have gone on to study at some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

EF offers language courses that enable learners to communicate effectively in English and other commonly spoken languages. They provide various language learning opportunities with accredited schools in 50 of the world’s most vibrant cities and EF English Live, the world’s most prominent online English school.


Their exchange programmes allow young adults to immerse themselves in American culture by experiencing it firsthand as locals. Their high school students who choose to study abroad for a year can stay in safe and secure homes provided by host families in communities across the United States.

Ascend Education Centre

Ascend provides one-to-one private coaching with certified and experienced teachers tailored to your requirements. Their coaching sessions are customised to cater to individual student needs, covering areas such as pronunciation, grammar, writing, conversational skills, business English, general English, and exam preparation for students of all ages.

We offer the ideal solution for learners seeking a flexible approach to English language coaching with a professional and qualified coach who can focus on specific areas of improvement. In addition, learners can schedule lessons in collaboration with their coach.

Their coaches are dedicated to their mission and values, recognising the importance of upholding high standards of professionalism in providing coaching services. To ensure the quality of their coaching, we require our coaches to have significant prior teaching experience and hold relevant qualifications, such as CELTA, TEFL, TESOL, or a degree in Applied Linguistics.

Canadian Education College (CEC)

Canadian Education College (CEC) is committed to providing an optimal learning experience for our students. Their friendly staff, who speak English, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, and Chinese, will ensure you feel welcome.

CEC is renowned for its practical learning approach and extensive range of English courses. Their experienced and highly qualified English language teachers will equip you with the skills you need to communicate effectively in English.

CEC provides a variety of English language courses that can be customised based on your language proficiency and timetable. Their courses cater to individuals who want to improve their English writing and speaking skills, feel at ease in an English-speaking setting, or are getting ready to enrol in higher education.

Language Works

Language Works specialise in providing professional language courses for adults and younger learners, focusing on English, Mandarin, and Spanish. They have a proven track record of delivering highly effective courses customised for management, expatriates, and Singaporean colleagues. Their students come from various industries and countries, including management staff, executives, and individuals who want to improve their language skills.

They offer English, Mandarin, and Spanish courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. They tailor their intensive and weekly English classes to your objectives and real-life job contexts. They also offer professional and flexible private coaching that lasts 10 or 100 hours, depending on your needs. For short-term corporate training, they have online Communication Workshops covering communication and language skills over two days.

Their approach to language learning is holistic and student-centred, which sets us apart from traditional teaching methods. Their language courses provide an engaging and interactive learning experience that helps you excel in your language-learning journey.

The Best English School In Singapore – Summary

These English schools in Singapore offer various courses for adults and younger learners. These schools provide highly effective language training for multiple levels, from beginner to advanced, and customise training to suit the needs of management, expatriates, and individuals. They offer flexible private coaching, communication workshops, and practical courses to help learners communicate effectively in English-speaking environments.

In addition to English, many schools offer Mandarin and Spanish lessons. Students are guided and engaged by highly trained and experienced teachers who take a holistic approach to language learning, centred primarily on the student.

In conclusion, Singapore has many options for those looking to learn English, with various schools offering different programmes and teaching styles. When choosing the best English school in Singapore, learners must consider their needs, goals, location, cost, and reputation.

With the right school and support, learners can improve their English skills and open up new opportunities for themselves in Singapore and beyond.

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